Lawrence Architecture



Lawrence Architecture is an award-winning architectural firm with a rigorous approach to design.  We specialize in single-family residential projects and also have experience with commercial, institutional, and multi-family projects.  We have worked on projects with a broad range of budgets and schedule requirements.  Our commitment is to design excellence and client service.


We believe that the two most important elements of a successful design process are the client and the context. 


Good buildings acknowledge and respect their context whether it is an urban infill site or an open rural location.  Cultural, environmental, and sustainable issues are all aspects of context and play an important role in shaping architecture. 


Behind every good building is a client who was actively involved in the process.  We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve design solutions that uniquely fit their circumstances: their needs and desires; their budget and schedule.


And while the design process can be difficult and stressful, we have fun.