Lawrence Architecture

Roanoke Park Residence

1937 historic photo


A complete remodel to a 1908 Tudor home.  A laundry, play room, guest suite and wine storage room were added to the previously unfinished basement.  The original detached garage was removed to provide more space in the back yard.  A new extension of the basement added space for a new 2-car garage.  On the main floor, The kitchen was reconfigured to better connect with the dining room. With the new configuration, a half-bath was inserted in the hallway between the kitchen and the main stair.  An alcove was added to the kitchen to provide room for a breakfast table.

The original second floor included four bedrooms and one bath.  This was reconfigured to provide two children's bedrooms with adjacent bathroom and a master bedroom suite consisting of a bedroom with adjoining sitting room, walk-in closets, and a master bath.

A new stair up to an additional guest suite and office space were added to what had been a partially finished attic. 

Completed autumn 2002.